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Menagerie À Treize Album Artwork

Terry of Purple Rhapsody had produced an animal inspired album by the name of Menagerie À Treize.

Having grown up as a big fan of Saint-Saëns' "The Carnival of the Animals", I was hugely excited to be involved in this project.

We discussed possible concepts for the cover artwork and settled on the creation of an animal orchestra.

I listened to the tracks and picked out one of the primary instruments from each piece. For example, the track about the albatross featured the violin, so in the orchestra we have the bird with his violin.

I tried to feature the majority of the animals in the artwork. Dolphins, I think, were the only ones that missed out! I really enjoyed the colourful, celebratory feel of this cover art; it was a real joy to make.

You can listen to Terry's beautiful album for free here.



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