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Crossways Album Artwork

Classical musician Greg Ryan approached me in 2015 to begin a creative collaboration for his piano album, Crossways.

After listening to the stunning selection of tracks I was really excited to begin this project.

Greg was particularly fond of an older drawing of mine, The Tight Rope (shown below), the style of which inspired the album cover and accompanying artwork.

Over the next couple of years I worked with Greg to plan, design and perfect a series of digital artworks for the album, beginning with the cover and completing the booklet design a few months later.

At Greg's request we created a fairytale landscape using swirls and textures, with Greg at the forefront with his beloved instrument.

The internal artwork took on a cosier theme, featuring Greg studiously composing his next masterpiece.

Greg was kind enough to allow me my very own featured page in the album booklet.

You can listen to the remarkable album Crossways for free here.



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