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Allegretto Mug and T-shirt Design

A beautiful boat riding the waves of a sunset palette? Martyn's idea sounded right up my street. He wanted a stylish but (in true Delusional Dreams fashion) whimsical design of his marvellous boat, Allegretto.

I wanted to try something outside my comfort zone as I knew the design was to be used for printing onto products. I could visualise the overall effect I wanted to achieve in my mind right away.

After experimenting with several concepts I transformed the wave into a stave of notes to bring out the musical theme.

I asked Martyn if he would like a particular piece of music to be featured and he chose Hillsong's Oceans.

I gathered some textures to produce a more stylised design than I would normally create, and was really pleased with the result.

A picture Martyn sent me of one of his new mugs!


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